Firming Eye Cream


Formulated specifically for the unique structure of the thinner and more sensitive skin around the eye, Kleem Organics® Firming Eye Cream combats wrinkles, puffiness, sagging skin, and dark circles, thanks to a synergistic combination of powerful, yet gentle plant-based ingredients that nourishes, smoothens and revamps skin around the eyes. Instantly, your eyes look more rested, radiant, infused with luminous youth.

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    Look fresh, radiant, and wide-awake. Get “What an amazing COMPLEXION”, not the usual “You look nice” kind of compliment! If you are struggling with under eye issues (signs of tiredness, bagginess, sagginess and puffiness) or you are looking for an effective eye cream that fades dark circles, wrinkles and discoloration, we believe we have the right solution for you to get real visible results.

    The stress of modern life can easily lead to develop premature crow’s feet – dark circles – signs of fatigue – puffiness and wrinkles. This is why Kleem Organics® has created this innovative eye cream, formulated to firm, protect and brighten the unique structure of the thinner and more sensitive skin around the eyes.

    This rich, hydrating eye cream specifically targets three prime visible signs of aging:

    • Moisture loss
    • Skin laxity
    • Free radical damage

    In this firming eye treatment powerful ingredients work synergistically to help improve the appearance of the skin around the eyes. Our advanced eye cream is formulated with a special complex to combat puffiness, sagging skin and dark circles.

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